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(Content Roll-on blue / orange ist identical)


About the product:

The Blessing Oil originally comes from Jerusalem. There, it has been produced for many generations according to a secret recipe by a family of traders which is rich in tradition. It is based on the valuable extracts from the root of the nard, a valerian plant. In ancient times, oil of this kind was considered very valuable. It was used for ritual purposes - for example, for anointing kings.



amber-colored, rich texture, long-lasting, rich fragrance, which gives a feeling of warmth, security and protection



Intuitive - like an aromatic oil or perfume. For example on wrists, temples, chakras or where it feels right for you. Ideal for your own daily blessing ritual.



No two days are alike. Why settle for one color? In a duo, every day you have a choice, depending on how you feel. Or else - you give your blessings to a dear person. The Blessing Oil in the practical little roll-on can be taken or placed anywhere. In your handbag, on your desk or bedside table.

Spirit of Mary | DUO Roll-on blue & orange (à10ml)

VAT Included

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