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Heart over head or – 

A trip to Jerusalem

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Spirit of Mary is a project of the heart. The result of a time out and "longing". 

In the end, there is one important finding: There is no more important relationship in life than the one with ourselves. This is not meant to be an invitation to selfishness, but rather to look inside. An appeal to care for our own needs and desires and ultimately to accept ourselves.


 I think that nowadays more than ever people are exhausted and stressed out or even suffer a burnout because they have to summon up so much energy not to be themselves. In the quest for recognition and for what is considered and expected "on the outside", we usually attach conditions to happiness. This goes so far that we feel a downright distrust of lightness and joy, and a resulting inner conflict. And at some point we get stuck in a system we have built up ourselves, from which we can no longer easily find our way out, suffer or even become ill. Here our heart is the best compass. If we pay attention to it, it gives us many clues as to whether a situation is right or whether we should better start on the way (inwards). 


When I decided to take time out in spring 2018 at the age of almost 44, I followed a deep longing. A longing for more vitality and expression. After almost 20 years in the communications business, ten of them with my own PR agency, I had lost something. A feeling for myself and for what I really wanted to bring into the world. I was looking for something that would release new powers and talents. Something that tickled my potential and filled me with passion. My inner voice signaled to me very clearly that I had to actively take care of it if I did not want to become unhappy.

It was exciting that the moment I gave in to this voice, seemingly happy coincidences were set in motion. Otherwise I cannot explain that I was reading about an old biblical oil just as I was landing in Tel Aviv, where I wanted to start my time out with a 14-day road trip through Israel.  It was a Nard Oil which goes back to Maria Magdalena and which should only be available in Jerusalem in its best form. I had already developed a great interest in the mystical figure of Mary Magdalena in the months before, but had actually intuitively chosen Israel as the destination for my trip.

I forgot this reference after my landing in Israel at first, but four days later I was standing in the Old City of Jerusalem in front of the very shop that was indicated in the book. And here it all began. The first scent of the oil drew me directly under its spell. This warming, earthy feeling was, metaphorically speaking, what I had been looking for in my heart. It gave me the feeling of being "at home" inside me. I was fascinated! 



That's how it all started for Spirit of Mary. In the following 18 months, numerous legal and production-related hurdles and challenges had to be overcome in order to officially introduce the oil in Europe. And at least as many hurdles in my head - my mind was only too happy to go to the heart and lead to doubts and considerations whether I was really on the right track. But I let my enthusiasm and joy guide me. And by the wonderful reports of the many testers who tried it out beforehand and each one found their own approach to the oil or Maria Magdalena. And in the end the way was blessed, apart from great support from my family and friends, with so many wonderful new acquaintances and happy coincidences, which made up for every hurdle.

The result is a Blessing Oil, which hopefully also shows the love that is in it! If we let it into our heart, it is a small reminder to us every day to be true to ourselves. Not that I personally am already a master in this field, but nobody is perfect and it is a new task every day. But I am firmly convinced that self-love is the prerequisite for inner peace and happiness. And the basis for every other harmonious relationship in our lives. That's why it's worthwhile to stay tuned.

Therefore: Bless Yourself!


Andrea Lottmann

Andrea Lottmann _ Spirit of Mary

Jerusalem, Februar 2018

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