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Customer testimonials
(guaranteed authentic)

"MARY surrounds me like a cloud of protection - if that doesn't sound too cheesy - and actually puts a smile on my face. I immediately feel supported and accompanied in a loving way...especially at this time. It calls on me to to stay with myself, to rest more within myself. Perfect, since I'm currently working on my self-love. I bought the roll-on intuitively - and what can I say: I was lucky - I just love it. Slightly oriental and somehow familiar, I But I don't know where from!"

| Claudia T. from Telfs |

"I knew nard oil only from biblical stories or fairy tales and was very excited to try this oil. At first I was a bit deterred because of the price, but the desire to try nard oil and the beautiful presentation have moved me to order "Spirit of Mary".

The product arrives very high quality and the scent is literally beguiling. This precious oil wants to be used very sparingly and selectively, otherwise it lays heavy.

I have made it a habit to use it during rituals. In doing so, I like to apply it to the chakras, one at a time. This leads to then very powerful alignment of that chakra.

I also love to apply it sparingly like a perfume after beauty rituals, it feels truly divine to me.


| Agnes K. from Paderborn |


"I do not know exactly since when I own the wonderful oil but from the moment I smelled it, I no longer wanted to miss it. Since then, the "fragrance" accompanies me through my world, thank you very much for that. Maybe it was the divine guidance, from an idea to make many people with it a little bit more satisfied."


| Pia D. from Berlin |

"I use the oil in the morning and evening applied directly to the neck to ground me at this time. I have also given it to my colleagues and we remind each other when we sag with the scent to feel motivated again.... It works every time, I've given it as a gift three times and everyone is thrilled with it.


| Annette B. from Husum |

"I am very happy with my Maryöl😍. 

I use it every day at work, when I feel like everything is getting too much and too loud I take a short time out with my oil. I rub it on my wrists and breathe in and out calmly and deeply. And the situation already relaxes a little.... 


| Melanie G. Flensburg |


"I like the very warm scent that immediately gives comfort.

A beautiful product that is also ideal for gifting!"


| Melanie from Munich |

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